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Ian Krueger

yeah the daytona staff didnt know where registration was they sent me in, and out, and back in, and back outfield several times. they got to know my Turquoise Astrovan after a few hours. also we got there at 7:30 pm and couldnt get into the track on wednesday night which sucked. Then we were directed to a different gate and the guy thankfully understood and let us camp in the parking lot. only track ive ever been to that wasnt open till the wee hours of the morning. well they were open but wouldnt let us in lol. it was a fun event but i wasn;’t impressed by the staff at all, only one guy actually knew what was going on. I kept saying I was road racing and they kept saying ‘oh the track is by nascar turn 3’ im like…

Well next time I go ill know to not take 95 south and sit in traffic for 8 hours. I think i saw your kart I was camped way up in lake loyd and remember the ‘bumble’ bee paintjob. I had a blast!

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