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Clark Gaynor Sr.

OK Richard, you seem to live in the DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia area.  There are three tracks where you can go, look around, ask questions and maybe decide what direction you’d like to go.

Nicholson Speedway, Chestertown, Md.  They race a few times a month, small sprint track, I haven’t been there in years, but will likely be mainly 4 cycle (Briggs), some Yamaha’s and maybe a few Tags.  They have a website.

Sandy Hook Speedway, Street, Md.  Again, race a few times per month.  Small sprint track, biggest classes are Tag classes.  Tag and Tag for older folks.  Some 4 cycles, usually Jr and Sr 206 stuff.  Website.

Woodbridge Kart Club, WKA road racing at Summit Point Main, SP Shenandoah and VIR.  I know you don’t like racing karts on sports car tracks, but it’s a good place to see a lot of Tags and shifters.  Along with CIK 206’s, Animal Sprints, and a bunch of laydown classes.  We also have a website, with our schedule and contact info.

Also other sprint tracks at NJMP, Englishtown, and OVKA.

One more thing to keep in mind, unless you run SKUSA we don’t really care what the West coast, Texas, or even much of the mid West does.  I have no intention of dragging all my go-kart stuff all the way to Laguna from here in Pottstown, Pa.  Where you live, get more educated on what WKA does, or your local sprint track.

Clark Sr.