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Dan Brown

Richard, I am confused as to what engine it is that you want to run? I think the great thing about karting right now is that you can bolt on an x30 and race almost anywhere in the US . Tires are a different story, as most of the series run a different brand of tire, but since we put on new tires every race day anyways it really isn’t a big issue. Engines come and go , the Leopard had a good solid 10+ year run as the Tag engine to have. IAME came out with something new and better in the x30 and the racers have embraced it. However, that doesn’t mean the Leopards are worthless now, as most kart clubs still have classes that run them. I have a new Evo Rotax sitting here that is worth peanuts now compared to what it cost 2 years ago. In my opinion, Rotax themselves are the only ones to blame for the rapid decline of their popularity. The forced upgrades at ridiculous prices, and the quality of some of the new components, mostly the wiring harness, left a bad taste in a lot of racers mouths. IAME took the opportunity to offer a fantastic trade in deal to swap in a Rotax towards a new X30 and people jumped all over it. ROK offered a similar deal last year, and a lot of local racers around here purchased a new RoK Tag engine. I don’t feel any engine is being forced down anyones throat, if the racers weren’t happy with the performance/ reliability of an engine the race promoters would be hearing about it, and changes would take place. As far as different sanctioning bodies are concerned, I like the fact that there are multiple options as far as which series to run. If I, or any other racer, is unhappy with how a series is operated, we have the choice to not race that series and we can go run a different one . And most of the time I don’t even have to unbolt the x30 for a different engine package.