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Mark Traylor

I did not insult you.  I pointed out the obvious.

There are street races, the largest of which is the Streets of Lancaster GP.  They are very expensive and logisitically challenging to put on.

many karting entities have done booths.  They are popular but do not translate into new karters.  Yes, running a karting club is a business, you can not spend money that 1) you don’t have, or 2) money that does not lead to a corresponding growth.  The 10×10 booth I spoke of was discounted down to $8500.  My ROI was in participating karters, that was clear.  Track Magic used to have a booth at the NASCAR and INdycar races at Sonoma raceway.  My club used to partner with the Bondurant School at large events such as Barrett Jackson Auctions.  They just flatly do not pay off, cost and effort is well beyond the value of new leads.


Your issue is valid about engines.  Currently the X30 can be raced at nearly any track in the country with multiple series using them, SKUSA Pro Tour, USPKS, WKA,  IKF, SKUSA Winter Tour,  Gold Cup, and pretty much any club in the country.   Don’t get too invested in any one package, be flexible and willing to liqudate and change before an engine becomes near worthless.

SKUSA has spent a lot of money putting karting on TV.  I was involved in one of the first karting series that was televised, Formula Swift Superkart.

I have found the best way to recruit people into karting is to talk to people about it and mentor them as they get started.  This is a VERY difficult sport and it is very intimidating.

Franklly for as often as you use the word “fact” you have very few of them.  Karters as a community have been doing this for some time, the community has its issues but we all work hard to grow the sport.

If you wish to donate to a kart club, great.  Find your local club and donate to them.   Your posts have gone from asking questions as a new person to the sport to Trolling.