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Richard talbert

Thanks for responding Matt,

I would like to keep this along the lines of racing on kart tracks. You road racing guys see way more rpms then the short track guys.

I would like to say I’m not trying to kill shifter kart racing. I’m just adding my opinion. That’s why companies have research and development departs.

And it said HPD research and development, meaning they need to work out some stuff. (talk to them this would be a good time)

I said nothing about going 4 stroke! Just show you what (I’m guessing Hondas future for shifter kart racing)

And no, the most I know about manufacturing is CAD software!

As for a public liaison, I guess I’m entry-level and hired my self.

I’ve been watching this sport for years and don’t like certain things.

FYI, Honda has a 2018 CRF 125 for $3,000, I think I might pick one up after I get my kart.

And Matt, I love that your having fun and I wish you happiness in this sport.

But sorry, I don’t race for fun !!!