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Richard talbert

Thanks for responding Taylor,

Last time I checked this is a forum to talk about karting.(This is a fact)

If you don’t like what I’m saying, then don’t read it.(I’m guessing rental karts doesn’t count as racing experience either)

I know as much about the sport as you respond or insult me on this forum!

My issue is, that I don’t want to buy into an engine that will change like a trend.

How much was the tent space?

Was your ROI karters or $? (You make it seem like recruiting karters is business!)

What are you selling?

If it was for the sport as a whole, there are over a thousands members on this forum; ask for a donation! (I WOULD GLADLY DONATE MY UNEXPERIENCED DOLLARS TO YOU) Facts!!!

You only stated one (fact). I would actually like to know who actually tried this for promotion.

Has anyone tried a street race? Your more likely to get people that don’t know anything about the (sport)!

And I never said anything about running a full pro season out the blue. Someone might want to run an event or two to see how they stack up. Yo know, to see there hard earned progress.

How much did they spend?

If SKUSA said they tried this at the Long Beach GP (I will immediately shut up)

Why do I say this? Because I found out about karting watching a Stars of Karting race on the speed channel and was directed to club racing searching on forums like this.