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Clark Gaynor Sr.

FYI, Honda makes a run of 1999 and 2001 “parts” only when required by us folks in the US.  At SOME point that flow will stop.  We, collectively don’t know when.  It’s nearly 20 years old, they don’t make it anymore, or put it in anything.  I assume Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc. are all in the same boat..it’s all 4 strokes.  Remember 2 cycles keep karting costs in check.  They are extremely simple things.  Of course you have the Briggs Animal/LO206, but that’s another whole story all together.  I can bring you up to date on those too at Summit.  We have two of them.

The current batch of KZ motors seem like the future, and they are purpose built just for karts.  A little pricey, but ever nice motors.  There is also talk of the new 175 cc IAME motor starting here in the US.  Likely more HP due to the increase in cc’s with less mods.  Kind of like a big block X30 with a gear box.  It would make a really great reliable ride.

Bike manufacturers don’t care about karts.  We run 2 strokes, they build 4 strokes.  There is no incentive at all for them to get involved.  They likely sell more 250cc 4 stroke dirt bikes in a few days, then all the 99 CR125 kit motors in a few years.  Just sayen’.

I think you mentioned the Tag package being about 3000, they’re actually closer to 4000.

Car stuff.  My Son ran the Skip Barber Formula Dodge Eastern Series back in 97.  We budgeted 3K per three day event, with a 8 event season.  Run the numbers..that was a killer.  Sold all our kart stuff and a home equity loan.  Plus the three day competition school and a lapping day required prior to running the series.  Well, I just did a real quick check, ready..  double that today!!  For us, that was a once in a life time experience for our whole family.

Anyway, I suspect you’d like to get involved in kart racing at some level.  I would strongly suggest you attend a few events with the Woodbridge Kart Club, the Sandy Hook Kart track in Street Maryland, and Nicholson Kart Club in Chestertown Maryland.   I think a bunch of your questions will be answered.  And you’ll get to see what is actually going on and why.

We all would like karting to be a big deal, but it’s just not.  We race go-karts.  I like to ask, how much do you know about Formula ford, how about quarter midgets, or full size midgets for that matter?  Or dirt modifieds, late models?  How about Chump cars, Show Room Stock classes?  Hill climbs, solo one, alcohol drag cars, etc, etc.  Everybody wants to get the big sponsor for their series.  Everybody wants to be on TV.  But the truth is, we race go-karts.  They’re great, and we all have a blast doing it.  And really, that’s all that matters.  You spend as much as you can afford and no more.

Have fun,

Clark Sr…back to PS4, Gran Turismo Sport.  Got other kart racers waiting for me.