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Richard talbert

These are the questions that I have sent to Honda High Performance Development:

How do you see future sales of the Honda 125cc engine for karting?
What kind of increase in sales would you want to see to further develop the engine?
Could you see Honda HPD battling with KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki and etc.. in the 125cc shifter class in the future?
Would you be interested with running Honda kart engines along side Arenacross for promotional purposes?
How do you see your future in karting?
What current relationships with current kart shops or manufactures do you need to progress as a whole in karting?
How much money do you wish to make in karting?
What other non-racing products do you wish to sell?
And to add, arrive & drive kart tracks still use your GX series Honda motor!
Kawasaki was just a basic inquiry!
I’ll keep you posted.