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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Richard, I’m not sure which tread you are referring to at times.  I know you started one on the Tag forum, but didn’t seem to like any of the answers we offered.  And that’s fine.

As for the Stock Honda’s.  They are 1999 CR125’s which allow either the 99 or 2001 cylinders and heads.  They also have a 1996, I think, gearbox in them because they’re 6 speeds and not 5’s like the 99’s.  They are allowed one of two Keihn carbs, and one choice of pipe as I recall.  They are also 2 cycles!

To the best of my knowledge and I don’t pretend to know much about motocross, but I don’t think many bike manufacturer make 2 strokes anymore.  If you have ever looked inside the head of a current Yamaha or Honda 250 (or whatever cc they are) 4 stroke, you would be impressed!  I was!  They are works of art…and so is the cost.  The current CR head is less the $200, I can’t even image what a 4 stroke head would cost.  1500-2000?  And as you may know, racing engines break stuff.  If you want to end shifter racing at a reasonable price, go 4 stroke.  That will kill it!

$1600 Honda kit.  That is a pick kit from a Honda distributor.  NO TWO PARTS ARE PUT TOGETHER!!!  They come in a crate of bags of parts.  I’ve seen ours at the engine builders when they arrived back 2001.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, assembling one is an intimidating task.  They don’t come with power valve plugs, carb, pipe, engine mount, j arm, airbox/filter, fuel delivery system for the carb, or a set of jets.  Yep, $5500-6000 isn’t really all that bad considering you get EVERYTHING you need…assembled.

I know you disagree with racing karts on a sports car track, but you mentioned Summit Point.  The Woodbridge Kart Club will be holding our first event this season on the Shenandoah Circuit on April 21st and 22nd.  I invite you to stop by, buy a pit pass, and look me up.  I’ll give you the cooks tour of what current kart racing is all about.  Anything from the LO206, and Tags, to Stock Honda’s, and maybe even a 250 Superkart, if any show up.

Have a good day folks,

Clark Gaynor Sr.

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