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TJ Koyen

What is the incentive for KTM or Kawasaki to get into the tiny market of karting? The fact is, there is none. The pie is already so small, there is no space other companies to jump in and try to push their product into it and get a slice.

Karting has done some awesome promotional work lately. SuperNats is on CBS (at a huge cost to SKUSA), there has been actual karting races at the PRI show, I know our local clubs all have booths at local car meets and trade shows as well as indoor tracks… The issue is that this can be an expensive, niche hobby. It’s a complicated sport with a lot of people trying to get their hands on the little profits there are available. Until you simply class structure, licensing, condense organizations and rule sets, and make the whole thing a LOT more simple for the entry-level karter, it’s going to be tough to ever pull any big numbers of newbies into the sport.

Motocross’ organization is much more simplified. You can buy a bike off a showroom floor and race it almost anywhere in the country. In karting, you have a dozen different orgs running a dozen different rules, each with a dozen different classes that no one outside the industry understands…

Can I ask, what do you race Richard, just out of curiosity.

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