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Richard talbert

Thanks for responding Dan,

As for the audience for karting, I think this is because of the lack of promotion of the sport! I found about karting from watching the speed channel and now there gone like the clone engines. I have yet to see one kart part manufacture advertise at an indoor kart track. The last indoor track I seen trying to promote outdoor karting was AllSports GP and they were forced to shut done due to increased rent. These places see a very large volume of people including fellow karters that want to race.

Kart trade shows aren’t going to cut it. Set up a booth at an Indy car or IMSA race. I’m pretty sure allot of people would be surprised that just about every race car driver has either raced or trains in them. Every kid that I have seen at an Indy car race wants to be a race car driver after they leave. Just like a kid going to a Supercross or F1 race. Use it!

If the US Open of Dirt would had kicked off back in 2014, it would have been a perfect platform for those bike manufactures to come in. They could have ran with Areanacross or Monster truck. After there racing flatten out the dirt and add some barriers or vise versa. I just hate seeing these missed opportunities and watching local kart tracks vanish into thin air like 89 octane fuel.

I never understood why the US, with the racing pedigree that we have isn’t matching the karting presence over sees including sport karting.

And last, I would race dirt bikes to. I just don’t like the idea of being launched 15 feet in the air on two wheels and no roll cage.