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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,

Met with the Doc, there are very few good ones out there but I really like this guy. After all the medical talk I had to ask about driving the kart. As I explained what exactly we do with these things he said what I though he would… “I suggest you DO NOT drive that thing while on this med.”

So, he’s telling me there’s a chance!!!!!  :)

I go back for a recheck and ultrasound April 2nd, if it looks good I stop the meds and can drive on either the 7-8 or 14-15!!!! If not, well, its another 3 months and another recheck/eval. (just in time for VIR!!)

Now, the April 2nd appointment took some doing. I duped the girl at the counter…. she wanted to set it up for the 16th….AFTER any opportunity to do the test day. “You wouldn’t happen to have an opening in the first week would you???” I told her why, after scheduling me for the 2nd, she smiled when I said…. “You can’t blame a guy for tryin, right!!”  She agreed!

I have looked in here but didn’t bother to post because Y’all were on a roll & started responding. I’m getting a bit creative and doing some shopping for a more appropriate policy that works FOR us instead of against us. Have not had a bunch of preference as to one weekend over the other, a few emails but not really related to the full weekend. As we start to come out of the deep freeze I expect things to pick up. The Doc cleared me to go back to daily life, the leg is still not 100% but I can get a good 1/2 day on it before needing to take it easy. So, I hope to be out in the garage tomorrow and over the next couple days shoot a short video.

Since the test in Oct I have had a hand in sourcing/purchasing 3 karts for new or returning drivers. In each sale these guys all got a good deal on both sides. Gotta do our part guys, no one will do it for us!

Need a bunch more feedback on a full weekend guys!!!

More coming, I’ll post up some video soon!