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Christian Fox

All I was saying was that a race like SuperNats is the pinnacle of the sport (karting) in the US, a weekend school in a formula car is not the pinnacle of car racing. That’s why I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

What something is “worth” is a very subjective thing. If you think a weekend in a car is “worth” more than a weekend in a kart, great, it’s an easy choice then. Totally cool.

And I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular, but I would bet my net worth a true rookie could not show up and win SuperNats, or any National race for that matter. Speaking of Schumacher, he raced SuperNats a number of times, and despite being a bad ass shifter kart driver and a 7 time F1 champ, he never won.

And yes, to be the best you have to run with the best, but you need a good bit of time racing at the club or regional level to be even remotely competitive at a National level kart race.