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Richard talbert

Why would you compare SuperNats to a Bertil Roos weekend? A more fair comparison would be a club race. You can do an arrive-and-drive kart race in a competitive field at my home track for about $300, including race entry. Why would anyone who is not a committed, competitive kart racer show up out of the blue to race SuperNats or a WKA event? SuperNats is the most competitive kart race on US soil. A Bertil Roos weekend is, um, not the most competitive car race.

Wow! First off, I’m comparing cost vs worth if you were paying attention. And, what I meant by that (drivers school) comment was for 5k I would rather go and get my comp license! Second, I don’t know who you were referring to with the out the blue comment. That so person might need some practice races before taking such a route. I like to run my numbers ahead. You don’t know so persons commitment or skill level. So get your facts straight first. Third, who said a rookie can’t win a race. Fourth, you want to be the best, you have to run with the best. This is a fact! Fifth, not everyone is Michael Schumacher. And last but not least, from what I’m seeing is you have spend to spend quite some coin to be competitive in the higher series. You see this all through out racing.

Thanks for responding Christian