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Larry Hayashigawa

Single Engine Class: Single engines classes create the sense and for the most create parity, especially at the club racing level.  In addition, the aftermarket for motors is significantly better for the new comer and helps retain motor value.  With a handicapped multi-engine class, the aftermarket gets littered with motors that are not competitive making it difficult for the newby to decide what motor to buy.

Kart Racing Costs: I believe that the Challenge of the Americas Rok Engine series rented motors out for $1000 for the 3 weekend series and $500 per weekend (Sat-Sunday).  Buy a used TonyKart chassis for $2500, which probably could be sold for $2000 after 3 weekends, so the net cost for the chassis is $500 for 3 weekends.  Add in entry fee, fee tires and misc, which in round numbers would be $400/weekend.  I think that comes up to $900/weekend.  If you need a tuner/mechanic add another $200.  That’s $1100 per weekend.