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Richard talbert

And TJ, I agree 80% with you. But this 10k came from a team that i’m not going to name, that I think was just below a factory team quoted me this. If there judgement was from what I think, they will be out of business like the clones motors. That 5k came from a factory team with a tent space, a driver coach, a dedicated mechanic, some tires and one motor and etc. I can kind of understand this from even my lack of experience with this because I have no actual experience from them. From where I grew up at there taking advantage of people. Lets say it’s 5k for a frame, they made it up in one race. Not telling what they made for an entire series of 5 to 6 races. I’m sorry, and  don’t get me started on USF 2000. These are actual facts from actual kart teams. Skip Barber or Bertelli roos don’t charge this much for drivers school. Facts!!!