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German Tabor

Hey thanks for the reply and the explanation.

I’m actually not looking to race, at least not this first year, although it’s possible I’ll enter an event or 2. Either way I work a lot of weekends so it’s not likely that I’ll be interested in being ultra competitive since I’ll miss a lot of races.  I’ll be in Indianapolis, so New Castle has KRA and x30s and Leopards are same weight.

Honestly I found a great deal on a MY07 Woltjer leopard fresh with tons of spares and that’s the reason I’m wondering about the differences. If they’re slower and people aren’t racing them a lot, making parts/used parts cheaper, I could be on board with that. But not if they’re much more unrealiable or something. That’s where my lack of knowledge comes in. Could you elaborate on the differences, in terms of power and reliability? I was under the impression the old leopards could still keep up and even be faster than Rotax, am I wrong?