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Robert Lawson


Lets get the leg out of the way first. I did not keep my Dr Appointment today. Reason? Went back to the ER Monday, back home Tuesday evening. Met with the Dr there, he rescheduled for next week.

I have DVT and PE. Why/How? No idea, just lucky I guess. So far so good, its early on so I have no expectations just yet. Take the meds and see where it goes. Piece of cake.

Spoke with Sam this morning. The cost of everything has gone up, EMT’s, Corners, Lease…. only thing that I have NOT gotten an inflation of yet is the Insurance. Still working from the estimate given to me last fall for 2018, but wouldn’t be surprised if that changed too.

Regardless, the ratio of literal track time to $ will STILL be better than any event could offer. I am still going to work first toward a 2 day gig and see how it goes. Will have to sit down with a sharp pencil and go over the figures, check with the Ins rep, cross the T’s and dot the I’s and come up with some numbers for Y’all to consider.

The dates are still April 7-8 OR 14-15, Please let me know if you have a preference or conflict with these dates.

Just getting started, much more to come!