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Alan Russell

Thanks Gif.  I’m just going to dump some data in here for the next person trying to do this.

I ended up using Permatex 59235 High Temperature Thread Sealant on the threads.  Instead of going to braided steel covered lines I just bought Speedway’s Lightweight Nylon Racing Brake Line Kit.

To rebuild the master cylinder since I have a 22b pump (22mm/ 7/8″ bore) I bought wheel cylinder cups from napa (this is what it used originally) part# UP 3023 .  If it was a 19b pump (19mm/ 3/4″ bore) you would need part# UP 4158.

To rebuild the calipers you need 1 1/4″ wheel cylinder cups, part# UP 666.

These wheel cylinder cup part #’s are all NAPA specific.  To find these parts on NAPA’s website is difficult.  Try this link.


Most of these parts are for cars made in the 40’s…  So pick up spares when you pick them up.