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Robert Lawson

Man, that was a mess!

I watched hours of video and tried different cams with the same result. To stop distortion the cam has to be backed up from the TV, its like theatre mode with large black areas on either side of the video. Get any closer and the screen bulges from the fisheye lens and also gets some crazy graining.

Bottom line, it was just junk! I’ll have to work on getting up to a flat screen and try again.

So, VERY SOON its back to work on the April date!

Yeah, I have had a bit of a set back here. A couple of you have heard already, been nursing a sore leg for 10 days or so. What I thought was a sore muscle from shoveling snow turns out to be much more serious after a trip to the ER.  I have an appointment with the Dr. on Thursday.

I should have a date or 2 for y’all to chew on and some early details to consider early next week…. maybe sooner.

It will be April before you know it!

Talk soon!