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Brian Wilhelm

Robert, Race Monitor seemed to be working fine for Mitch and Tony, maybe you had a slow connection?

Anyway, the tuning conditions were very strange in Daytona this year. The LOWEST humidity I saw on practice day was 78%, but the AD was 100-101 all day, with about 65deg almost all day. Even with these conditions, lap times were pretty good.

For Race Day #1, it never rained, it was just a super heavy mist that covered everything. Even with this delay, Robby and his crew did a good job of getting everyone all the track time they could. The races were shortened to about 1/2 time, plus a lap or two. For the F-125 race, I struggled with a bad plug cap that showed up on lap 2, but still pulled off the win. Temps were dropping as the day went on. For F-125 it was 55deg, for Unlimited I about 1 1/2 hour later it was 49 deg. In Unlimited I Johnny jumped out to the lead right away followed by Ron Miller and myself. Those guys were fast like 250’s should be! About 4 laps in, Ron’s motor quit and I got 2nd behind Johnny, and Allen Hollinger took 3rd.

Race Day #2 started cool but the clouds broke and it was sunny and 60deg at race time, and just beautiful. 60deg, 102 AD, 40% humidity. Johnny got another good start and jumped into the lead. There was carnage in turn one with several folks spinning, and Ron Miller passed me taking 2nd going into the first horseshoe. When Ron turned into the left turn going back out on the oval, he spun. As he was spinning, the kart spit him part way out and he flipped right in front of me! He jumped up and flipped the kart back over, but the red flag came out anyway. We lined back up and took the green again. Johnny got another good start and was P1, followed by Rick Fulks and myself. Johnny had some sort of problem and dropped out. Rick went on to win with a top speed of 157mph, and laps of 1:56. He had those 125cc motors cranking pretty good. I got second with a new personal best lap of 1:58.878, with a new best top speed of 147.0. Allen Hollinger took his second third place of the week. All in all, a pretty fine week at Daytona!