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Robert Lawson


I’ll have to see what I have over the Holidays and pull it together. Mike is a nice guy, I remember meeting him for the first time. We were at Summit, the only year I ran Nationals for points. He won the Stock App. class title that year with a K71 on a fuel/gas mix…. which was legal. A tinkerer, kinda like Rick Gunther but with a bit better fab skills!!!! :) That K71 was super fast! I’ll be brutally honest, that 250 was rough looking! Fast… but a fashion show winner it was not. Johnny West bought that kart from Mark Croslyn ( <—– Im sure I butchered that spelling) at the ole Atlanta Superparts. This may hurt Mikes feelings, but, I cut that kart up for JW and built him a CBR 600 Superkart out of it. I still have some misc. bits from that kart, red anodized zeus pads and bodywork clamps in my shop tool box! I think I may still have the steering wheel, THAT is a whole other story!!!!!

I’m going to take the go pro out to the garage tomorrow and shoot a bit. I’ll try to get some of that Daytona race on it just to hold you over!