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Clark Gaynor Sr.

There’s a few Bob.  Obviously “ekarting” is pretty good for the two stroke world and the larger National scene.  If you’r into 4 cycle racing “Bob’s 4 cycle forum” is pretty hard to beat.  Very active, with many very knowledgeable folks answering questions.  Dirt, sprint, road racing, champ karts, engines, etc, etc.   “Kart Pulse” has some good stuff.  “Vroom” is good for International news, if that’s your interest.  And if you happen to be into LO206 racing and have questions, “Briggs Racing” is very hard to beat.  The actual Briggs folks comment routinely as well as some of the experts from Bob’s 4 cycle forum.

Lots of info out there, with a lot of very knowledgeable folks involved.

Have fun,

Clark Gaynor Sr.