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Robert Lawson

That Rad has still not shown up? Hmm, will have call and find out where its at.

Watching the old flicks was good fun, a few are in bad shape with unexposed film (?, bright blank spots) but they were always there just dont remember them being so long. Some of these are in really good shape, I have 1 thats 20 minutes long! There is good race between 3 karts at Mid-Ohio. My Pops in the old Hornet twin as the guy running the camera was literally right at the edge of the track and followed the course all through the infield. The track was sooooo narrow….. and I don’t know what the deal was back then but the grass is a mile high there too!!! Some of the Grattan shots were scary in todays standards. Not just the camera man on the edge of the track taking film but CARS! Yeah, cars! The scoring folks had cars parked on the outside of the monza and sat at tables between the cars and the track. Crazy! No wonder the insurance has gone off the deep end…. The street race film was interesting too, kids of all ages sitting right on the Blvd (grass between sidewalk and street) as karts went flying by! Straw bales were only at the turns, apex and exit. Obviously back then lawsuits were not all the rage!!!! :)

Rich did his first race at Marine City Kart Track back in 72 or 73. He had a Big J Lancer sidewinder (yeah, it was purple!) with a 49E and an overhead pipe! There was just 1 other kid for him to race with but Richie put the bums rush on um and whooped um by 1/2 a lap!!!! He held on to that trophy for years!!!! Too funny!

Not sure if I’m going to attend tomorrow or not but an old Karter has a Christmas party each year at his shop. Jeff Brown sends out invites and many kart guys hang around and talk about how fast they are or how slow everyone else is! There is usually food and all, the shop maintains vintage race cars so all of those are there to look at too. My bro Kenny wants to take some flicks and the projector and share some old movies. I may just stick around here, hang out in the garage and go back to the miles of VHS tape I have from the 80’s to about 03′.

One thing I did start doing, I save a voice mail from Family and close friends. Can’t tell you how I wish I kept a message from my Mom or Dad now that they are gone.

Peace Y’all!!!