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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I suppose I should have replied sooner.  Bob, we understand the Ignite race at Daytona is a one time deal with WKA.  My point was why was the CIK 206 class dropped from the event?  As I stated before, I have absolutely no problem with an Ignite race at Daytona or anywhere else.  I’m just a little confused why CIK 206 was dropped from ManCup.  A year ago as I recall, CIK 206 was a class in Gold Cup, ManCup and road racing.  And if you ran Bridgestone YLC’s, you would only have to change the gear for the different series/tracks.  That’s pretty neat.  Now, if you have a CIK 206 (or any 206 for that matter) there is no WKA series to run it in but road racing.  Just seems odd to me.  And maybe Gold Cup will come back and maybe it don’t.

Again, sorry for taking this thread WAY off track.

Clark Sr.