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Robert Lawson


I’m familiar with the videos! I’ve watched them a few times looking in the background to see if our brood may have got caught in your film! How exactly did you do it? I can hear the projector on the video, nice touch!!! :)

The old “beer can” hats were popular in your group too I noticed!!!!

IRP was not very good to my Pops. He always had very fast stuff but never the results to match. One year he ran 3 races in the same day, 1 hour races!!! The last of the 3 was B Reed, he had a brand new Lancer straight from Walt Meyers motors and all. Super fast, won the race easily…. but lost so much weight after 3 races in that heat covered in those Bates leathers…. he weighed lite and was DQ’d.

We have some film from The Glen, Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, MIS, Grattan, some local street race footage, a bunch of Sprint stuff from Lexington OH, and lots of local Sprint stuff too. Even a bit of action from the ice out on Anchor Bay 1965!

I was going to try to record it with my Go Pro right off the wall. Gonna have to set it all up and try it out, if it the first one turns out ok I’ll post them on the YT channel.


PS: I have a radiator coming, time to get back to the kart!!! :)