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Robert Lawson

Amazing! The weather this coming week (11/27-29) is going to be better than what we had for the track day a month ago in October!!!

Commercialism has ruined the Holidays (they should call it Black-Eye Friday) but this time of year conjures up old traditions. When we were little dudes Dad would bust out the Family 8mm movies and projector and show them on the front room wall. I’m going to show my age here but, Mom would put oil and popcorn in the popper and we had a fancy night “in” watching the flicks.

Kenny asked me about that old projector the other day. I actually found the old movies and the extra cooling fan for the projector and now I’m hopped up to watch VERY old karting flicks from the 60’s and early 70’s. As I was rearranging the garage for the off season, storing stuff in the attack and piling it up in the trailer I decided to plug-in a bubble set with VCR and see if it worked. Spent the afternoon watching Daytona videos from the mid 90’s…. man that brought back some memories. Some of the guys I talked with in those videos are no longer walking this Earth with us. Got a great B-Stk & 250 race grouping with Speedway announcing from the infield stands. Johnny Howard won the B-Stk race by a nose at the flag (in the infield!) and Mike Cima won a good 250 race over Don Bootes with Jr. Neal just back a few seconds. Those were good times, and good numbers of entries in those classes. Can’t believe how many 250 single laydowns there were back then, JW ran a Gibson (4th or 5th place) that week!!!! The Rotax reed was just becoming popular in that 250 class and there were 20 of um!

Ah, good stuff! I even threw in the Grand Prix movie and watched James Garner steal the girl, then steal the Title too!!! Love it!

Now, the full weekend gig in April has to happen…. I’ll bring the projector for entertainment after we all have dinner!!! We have some pretty amazing old clips from Grattan back in the mid 60’s that you just won’t believe. Drag Strip complete with Christmas tree, old Tower at begining of the front straight, 55gl drums filled with sand tied & together ON the front straight making a “pit wall”, the “scoring” chicane in the monza….. and the knee high grass!!!! The best part was the karts, there are very few full laydowns as they were literally just coming out at that time. Rupp’s & Chaperrall karts were all the rage and they HAD to have at least 2 engines!!!! :)

Found a very exciting prospect here when I found that old junk. The camera Dad used to shoot that old 8mm film is here too. I picked it up and accidently hit the “go” button and it started clicking away!!! It doesn’t have batteries, it actually winds up for power, like an old stop watch (got them too!!!) Anyway, I was curious and opened the camera and there was still undeveloped film in it!!!! I can only imagine what may be on it.

So, while we are full-on into the Holiday Season now, remember your “old times” with joy. We are so fortunate just to be born here, and, we sometimes forget how hard this world is on the majority of its inhabitants outside of the mainland US.

GOD bless Y’all!