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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Greg, WKA appears to have eliminated the CIK 206 class, and added the Ignite race.  There is no CIK 206 in the Mancup lineup for 2018.  Goldcup seems to be on hold, so as of right now the only CIK 206 Sprint class in WKA currently is in the road race series.  Seems really odd to me.

I was running Stock Leopard (currently IAME Sprint) in WKA/WKC road races up until about 3 years ago.  I figured getting on my head at 90+ wouldn’t do me any good, so I figured I slow down at little…like 71 MPH.  Still a bunch of fun, and it gives me a lot more time to work on my Son’s IAME Sprint.  The CIK 206’s are SOOOO easy, it’s almost criminal!

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