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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I believe Ray is referring to the Margay Ignite only class.  I appreciate what Margay is doing and also support  having a spec chassis/engine/tire combo like that..but!  In addition, I feel, there should also be a CIK LO206 class with any CIK style chassis and body work allowed, with the normal Bridgestone YLC spec tire for the series.  Just my opinion of course.

I also wonder why there was a CIK LO206 class in Mancup in the 2017 season, but it disappeared in 2018!!  I’m not sure why, unless the ultimate goal is to make the WKA Mancup a IAME series only?

I don’t want to throw this thread in a different direction, but it does appear this ultra spec, super cheap, low maintenance type of racing may keep karting alive through some touch times.

As a disclaimer…I have a Margay Ignite and so does my Son.  I’ve been racing karts since 1963, and I/we have run everything from an old Mac 9 on a Dart A-Bone thru a 250 Anderson CR250 super kart.  I’ll be 70 in a few months, and the only reason I’m still road racing is because of the CIK 206 Sprint class WKA started this season in the road race series.

Again, sorry for going off track, but just my thoughts with my second cup of coffee on a Friday morning.  Have a great weekend folks.

Clark Gaynor Sr.