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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all!!

I’m having a great Thanksgiving Day!!!

Sent out well wishes in text to liteally everyone I had a number for….current or not! This is really fun, a good number of them have no idea who it is that sent the message!!! Some actually respond with a “You too!” or “Back at ya!” which is a dead give away….. others will include “who is this?” OR “I got a new phone so…. who am I speaking to???”

Trust me, it is GOOD fun playing around by send more cryptic notes before unmasking yourself!!!! I have been laughing my rear off since early this morning!!!! Best part is, there is NO politics involved!!!!!

So, Happy Thanksgiving! And…. have fun with that “phone” today!!!!

GOD bless Y’all! BE well!!!!!

Robert :)