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Ray Mcik

Just wanted to add a couple of things, recently WKA has mandated you have to buy your tires through them at the track, while I get they are now a for profit organization now, this hurts the smaller kart shops that support the local clubs  and the racers the attend the Nationals. Take that small kart shop who may only sell 20 – 40 sets of tires to those that go to a national event  , that bit of small profit helps him offset costs  being the supporting shop at the track.  These are the grass roots guys that help local karters take the next step . Even the bigger shops will be hurt by this move, profit is profit these days. IMO Bad move that will hurt in the long run.

Then lets talk about allowing only one brand of chassis in a certain class for the Daytona race.  Well with this new change, it just eliminated someone like myself from going to Daytona because I am not going buy a new chassis to race  it.  My budget will not allow for that to happen. BTW I pay cash for my hobby which helps me stay racing so I do not go into debt via a huge credit card bill.