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Marshall Martin


Form the discussions above it is implied you are in the Chicago area.  Locally there are 3 tracks, Norway (Concept Haulers), Badger (Dousman, WI) and MRP (South Bend).  If you are looking for competition and speed I believe MRP is the only one of the 3 running anything faster than a Yamaha.  We have a Rotax Masters class with 8-10 entries consistently and a very competitive group.  We run 8 club races a year and help is there for the asking.  Anyone in the class will help however they can to make you fast on the track.  Great bunch of guys to race with.  If speed is not the desire than the LO206 class is the best bang for the buck.  All 3 tracks run this class and there is also a regional series.  If you have other questions you can contact me at   marshall@LSRMotorsports.com  Welcome to the sport, great place to have fun.

Marshall Martin