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Rod Hawkins

Being relatively new to kart racing (4 years) but being in my mid 40s and having grown up racing motocross, mountain bikes, BMX, etc…. When I was shopping for a Kart, I was taken back by the, “you don’t know anything, so you aren’t cool” attitude of local shops. The elitism of the shops isn’t helping the sport. I use to work at a bike shop in college (90s) and if I gave someone such an attitude about full suspension bikes and disc brakes because I rode a $5,000 mountain bike (90s dollars) the average Joe would just walk out. Our job is to educate and then sell. This attitude by certain local shops basically forced me to buy used, as if I were going to learn on my own, I wasn’t going to pay double for something I know so little about.

I was lucky enough to run into Stu Hayner and MDG Karting and the series he helped found. These guys are all about educating, helping and having fun.

I have a few other series around me and one of the things that prevents me from even considering them is that everyone wants to run different tires, motors, pipes, fuel, or whatever. A kart or 2 is expensive enough, I don’t want to have to have a bunch of extra parts because some series promotor kisses some italians ass to get paid for promoting his product. The whole theory is cash now, BUT very very short sighted.

As I said, I have raced a few other forms of racing, but the regulations and politics are nothing like what I see in Karting, which is probably why they don’t have nearly the issues.

On another note. My brother and I have taken about 8 different people out with us to introduce them to karting, none of them have been interested enough to stick with it due to all the confusion and complexity.

Thankfully one of the series I run in seems to be growing, but I have a feeling that this is only because some of the other local series screwed something up and people are leaving one for the other.