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So, if any are wondering, here is what was in my carb…

Needle: K22, clip position 2

Atomizer: DQ 268

Inner Pilot: B45

Outer Pilot: 50

Main Jet: 150

Air Screw: 2 turns


Also, I found my floats were sitting way too low in the bowl.  I’m guessing that was my main issue, even with the pilot circuit being a little lean.  I have the B2 float system currently, and their guide states the lowest point of the float should be 11mm from the mounting face of the float bowl.  It was more like 15mm.  I think that was the major cause of the lean engine and the stuck piston.

I noticed no one talks much about the float needle and seat, or the slide profile.  My needle and seat are a 300 and the slide is a 50.  Is that pretty standard, or should I look into others?


2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
Building F125 Enduro