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Robert Lawson


You’ve been a busy boy in here!!! Thats good, get all the info you can find.

I have someone working on that Delortto set-up so I can send it to you. You’ll enjoy playing with it! If nothing else it will give you a real time look at the characteristics of different componants when compared to others, what your carb is doing, how, and when!

That new guy I spoke of bought a laydown simply from looking at pictures over text! His name is Dan, he’s from Indiana and he is the proud new owner of Ron Taylors Emmick Enduro. A very nice kart I may add, tried getting Tony C to look at it at MIS!!!!

I actually gave Dan a few different contacts on available enduros, rollers and packaged set-ups. Taylor Everhart has a kart to offer as well. Someone needs to pick that up, check it out: http://ekartingnews.com/forums/topic/lots-of-enduro-equipment-for-sale/ lots of options with this deal. The Leopard kit on that kart sounds fun!
Up to my elbows in clay and fiberglass so I better get back to work!!!!