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Bob Kurkowski


Drag racing seems to be doing pretty good last time I looked and I’m seeing a awful lot of side-by sides and quads going down the road on the weekends.


I was relating to a different time period that I am all to familiar with that has had a very adverse effect on karting however if you look at one of American Kartings standard classes, Yamaha Piston Port that class has been through how many different pipe-can, clutch, and cylinder configurations ? What is the latest kick with this KA 100 also, maybe that will explain why there are so many new or lower hour Tag engines being sold on this site alone.

As for the tire of the month, in some instances its ‘tire of the week’ and trust me on this one because it happened this summer at a Ohio track where two different organizations scheduled a ‘national’ event one week apart both requiring a different brand of tire.  I might add also that one of these ‘national’ events had such a low number of pre-entries that it was actually cancelled so while you may have experienced great numbers at races you attended that hardly is a reflection of what is going on across the country.

As for the original topic of Russell’s closing I know for a fact that they were not a shop that just opened their doors and expected people to come.

Bob K.