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Kelly Read


Got ya now!!! Just wanted to make sure something wasn’t wrong at NCM.

You are correct on the cost for running what we would call the WHOLE track vs either the West or the East circuit. I know everyone I had talked to, liked the West circuit we ran 2 years ago. I have heard from groups who have ran both circuits, prefer the West. Who knows, maybe in the future if everything works out, we could run the full course.

Just to clarify, KART/MARRS will be hosting the HPT event with myself as the race director. WKA will be hosting the NCM event with Robby and his group putting it on. At both events, I and Robby will be the co- race directors at the other organizations event just like we did at NCM 2 years ago.

With these 2 tracks chosen for the combined events, everyone should enjoy the facilities at each track.