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Kelly Read

Being that myself will be representing KART and Robby Harper will be representing WKA for the 2 WKA/KART 2018 combined events, I assure you that it will be just like or even better than we did 2 years ago at NCM. Those who were there then and the afterwards comments posted, all were very pleased!! You can expect the same in 2018. Having THE KING (Robby/apprentice) working with THE MAN (ME/professor), I will say that we do a great job as a TEAM to make it happen for ALL racers!!!

As for the track layout to be ran at NCM, we plan to run the same layout as 2 years ago. Is there something there I need to know about?

We will be starting to put together the event schedule shortly. If you have some thoughts as far as classes, PLZ let me know. I can be contacted at Kelly.read@westarenergy.com or 316-218-3645 (C).

I’m here to promote ROAD RACING, not get into the politics with either organization so I ask you to HELP me make our events a success by giving me positive feedback and suggestions!!