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Robert Lawson

I need to thank Bruce Peck, he supplied the beacon so we could collect data!

Thank You Brewster, your beacon is safe and sound!

AIM actually called me today, looks like I’ll pay the $50 and get another one right from them. Have not seen any for sale.

Bob, we had a few new guys out there! Glad they had a good time, I started hearing from them right away on the ride home!!!

Got some e-mail & text from guys giving a heads-up already on time off for April too!!

One of the new guys had 2 CIK shifters of his own. Never been to a big track before, he sent a note just now… He is trading one of his shifter karts for an ENDURO! After one look watchin ole’ Puffy  blast down the front straight he says he “has to have one”!!!!

A full weekend lease will be a great deal of track time. I may have to make up an award for the person that does the most miles!!!

Jerry, as usual, you and Pops were ready willing and able to go right out there and be the ginny pig! Everyone watched and listened to you running around all alone…. when you made a lap THEN they started heading out too!!!!

Good fun, even if I didn’t get many laps!!!!