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Robert Lawson

We had a great day at Grattan on Sunday!

Got started a bit late so we could dry the track with our vehicles. The sun was out and shining for the first 1/3 of the day and helped speed the process. It was tough going early on with cold tires and a very green cold track. It didn’t take Jerry too long and he was fully on the gas! One by one they took to the course, some spinning early, some later, but it all came together and we got loads of laps in.

Had a quick shut down for a huge Swan that landed on the grass between the front straight and armco…. it seemed a bit lost! After a few minutes Bob was able to shoo it away with a kart pusher and we went right back to open running.

My day did not go as well as anticipated. I ran 6 laps all day! Didn’t get on the track until 2 pm and the dark clouds has rolled in. The water on my visor at T1, T2 and on the way down to T9 had me tippy-toeing it around. After getting back to the garage I mentioned to the guys that the “rain” out there had my attention… “There wasn’t any rain!” Then it hit me, there was no debris flag (red & yellow striped) and pointing to the heavens in T1… hmmmm, same amount of grip as the remainder of the course too….

“Robert, you have water leaking up front here….”   and my day was done!

Yep, all the work, taking video, sharing with the world my “temporary plan” to cool down the water temp issue….. which by the way started with the evidence of a water leak…. and not finding one! I never pressure checked the radiator!!!!

If brother Rich would have done this I would never have let him live it down. Just plain oversight, stupid, foolish mistake. So I called him, told him about it and let him swing away!!! I deserved it!!!! :)

But, better in October than April. I did see very cool temps on water so the 6 laps were very valuable. Now, the question of a new radiator is answered and I’ll go a bit bigger and take the temp issue the other way. Always better to be too cool than too hot. That gear change felt better too.

All in all it was a good trip, everyone was safe and had a good time. We had a couple new folks out this time and they all said they are looking forward to April. Speaking of April,  I asked about the interest in a full weekend of testing and got an positive answer from those in attendance. Sam has penciled us in for one of the first 2 weekends in April 2018.

I want to thank Bob Cole for picking up the karts, all of those whom took their vehicles out to dry the track, and, most importantly the 5 or so guys that participated even though they decided not to come. If they didn’t commit to this late season date with their $$$ in advance the rest of us would not have been able to do it!

Hope everyone had a safe trip home!!!