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Robert Lawson

Its actually 2:30pm but I have better news! The weather outlets are coming back in sync.

TWC: 47,  A mix of clouds and sun early, then becoming cloudy later in the day. Slight chance of a rain shower.  Chance 20%

Accuweather: 48, Low clouds, then perhaps some clearing and chilly with a shower in spots. Chance 40%

Accuweather is calling for a 50/50 chance of scattered rain on Saturday, otherwise the forcast today and Friday are dry on both. That is good for the grounds, need time to get dryed out a bit.

Sam returned my message from the office this morning, this is what he said about the grounds: “Blubbb, blub, blubbbb, blub, gurrrrgle grurggggle, gurgle, gurgle…..” I said what was that??? “Thats what is sounds like when you are under water!!!” It was pretty bad out there after a few days of rain, he thinks about 12″, the island “was almost under water!” Since April they put some drain tile in at T1 and that area is no longer an issue. There is standing water at the very outside coming off T10, before the little left jot there, before coming up the hill. That is the lowest point on the entire property, I have swept it MANY times! If you kneel and put your ear to the ground looking out to the North at the lake, its actually lower than the surface. The natural spring leaks there too.

If that is all we have to deal with, its a piece of cake! The overnight temp is going to be cold, they call for anywhere between 32-37. Chuck, Todd and Myself are the only guys I know of silly enough to camp in that weather. I put 50/50 in my kart because of my luck. I’ll drain it and add water before getting on the track. So, ya’ll have to add water when you arrive I guess.

This still all prelim. Tomorrow is another day, we’ll keep watching it. Personally I will go through the motions like we are heading out Saturday AM. Been holding off on the grocery shopping ’till Friday evening.

Again, at the latest, I’ll call each of you and have someone post here
LIVE FROM THE TRACK Saturday if the grounds are pissing/leaking/streaming water.

There you go, I’m heading back out to package things up and get ready to load.

Talk again tomorrow!!!