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Robert Lawson

Thanks for that report Bob! :)

Thats Bob Cole “live” from West Michigan…..

In other news, Max called back and gave a decent account of the saturation out there. He claims: “We got hit pretty good, but, its drained off well and looks good at this point.”

This just in, he also said: “There is a “chance” on Saturday and Sunday, but, everyday has a chance this time of year…..”

A wealth of knowledge that Max!!!! :)

Seriously though, we’ll continue to look at it. We have at least 2 more days to watch things from home here. They will get more rain yet so, as I mentioned to Daniel, we need to Pray! If any of y’all have looked at the videos, I have done a bunch of work and I would sure like to give it a try.

I’ll give you this much, I won’t wait to make a decision at the track Sunday morning. Y’all will know one way or another by Saturday afternoon at the latest.

To my peanut gallery (Brent, Brown, etc…) YES! I put 50/50 in it today!!!!!

Talk to Y’all again in the AM!!!