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Spencer Uzri

Not about being afraid of change, just not wanting some bureaucrat dictating the terms. I would personally love to see a good fuel injection package for karts, but don’t think I want it designed by a lawyer. Cost IS a factor here, mass market emissions specs could well kill the whole thing. -bill

Bureaucrats are already dictating.  That’s why KTM & Husqvarna have applied EFI to their 2-strokes.  Let’s be frank about this: there is general push against IC engines, with 2-strokes being the red-headed half sibling in the family.  I think this could be a trend, if for no other reason than Europe is the hub of karting, & Europe loves to regulate.

Of course, you do know that by law, IC engine cars will be banned starting in 2040 in the UK, right?  Do you really expect such a sweeping change won’t have a wider, “inadvertent” ripple effect?  If the storage density limitation of batteries can be resolved, then this will be a nonissue, & ekarting will take on a whole new meaning.