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Bryan Williams

Negative on the break cleaner. To harsh of a chemical that is not good on the shoe compound. Use compressed with a long nozzle to clean debris with out removing. Best to remove and clean with Wd-40.

directly from Shannon Halbert, a guy that David Klaus said has his shit together. So I do what he says:
>We recommend cleaning the clutch after every race weekend. Remove from the kart, spray off any dust or loose material with compressed air. Spray the entire clutch assembly, drum included, with WD40 and let the clutch soak for a few moments. This does two things;  allows the wd40 to loosen any grime and dirt on the parts, and it allows the parts to maintain their correct coefficient of friction and wear. DO NOT use Brake Cleaner, carb cleaner, or any other harsh degreasers; >This  will strip any oils from the parts and cause a very aggressive engagement and accelerate wear dramatically. We will not warranty in any way, any clutch that is cleaned with harsh chemicals.