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Robert Lawson


I can e-mail the file but you will need to print in legal size, its a big form!


I will have copies at the gate for all drivers, just let me know if you may be driving multiple karts. Each form is per kart, AND its driver.

Currently, this insurance issue is an EU problem. Amazingly it is derived from litigation, not involving a racing incident, but, the claimant suffering injury due to an accident with a tractor/trailer ON a farm! I do not know the particulars of the case but it shouldn’t be used as precedent for principle or rule in Insurance policy of Motorsport activities.

The Insurance “industry” is looking more and more like a system of control and less like a security blanket!

PS: Linus says:

Bring your Go-Pro,  HELMET MOUNTED CAMERAS ARE ENCOURAGED! (it may just be necesarry to prove your case in court! :) )