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Robert Lawson

Bruce, Got the box this AM. I’ll take care of it!!!


I urge you to read that document I linked to. And watch the video.

I checked the MIA website yesterday and did not see a report on the result of their petition/summary but the original call to action was for members to respond by the 20th. We may not know what happened for some time yet. Common sense sayes the EU’s EC made a knee jerk decision. After looking at the massive extent of damage this new insurance rule will cause to employment in ALL facets of motorsport (motorsport/aviation-marine-aerospace-automotive) in the UK and the greater EU, they will certianly have to reconsider. Right?

The “Pre Track Prep List” form you filled out in April will again be manditory for each kart. Each Driver must initial every line on the form and date/sign. By signing it you agree to “full and sole responsibility” of its condition AND function (that includes the nut behind the wheel) each time you/it takes to the circuit.

Because of the mentality and approach taken by the guys that do these track/test days, I do not expect to see the EMT’s leave their rig except at Lunch break!

More Soon!