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TJ Koyen


I ran the whole USPKS season on one piston in KA. We took it apart a couple times to check it over and the piston still looked new.

There’s no rev-limiter, but the engine basically stops making any power once you reach the upper 15k range, so you gain nothing by spinning it hard.

Carbs are easy, same general idea as any other carb. Depending on the track, I tweaked it a little bit from time to time during the race, but nothing drastic. If you know how to tune a Yamaha or KPV carb, it’ll be easy. An 1/8 turn here or there to get the right EGT and you’re good to go.

Starter held up all season, minus when we forgot to charge the battery. More reliable than the X30/Leopard starters were. Seems to crank over much easier than those engines too, limiting how long you have to hold the starter button down.

This engine will probably replace Yamaha at a national level and complement it at a regional level. It’s definitely comparable to KPV in terms of speed. I don’t think it will replace TaG racing at a national level, but maybe at a regional level where the top level class needs to be something more cost effective at the detriment of outright speed.

I love the engine and will be running it again next year. At Dousman there has been a lot of interest and some shops have been giving free test drives on the last few club weekends this year. I have seen a lot of drivers pick up KAs for next year and they are putting laps on them at Dousman already.

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