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Robert Lawson


I have been so busy, no time to look for one yet! If you could, send it up and we will definately put it to use! I’ll put you at the top of the April list with a star next to your name! ;)


I plan on getting out there early on Saturday. Maybe by noon. Will have plenty to do all afternoon.


You tell Sis and her new Hubby we said Congratulations…. can’t think of a better wedding gift than a nice new helmet and suit!!!


This past April, for the very first time, I obtained and provided very affordable insurance for all in attendance. That insurance is no longer affordable. Not going to talk about it here.

The lack of insurance changes nothing. A wrist band does not lessen the risk.

I am currently looking into something else, when I know more I’ll post it here.

If this is a problem for anyone, send me a note.