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Yeah, K1 suits suck!!!!!!! very cheap stuff

Some of the guys I race with had expensive custom suits made by them, they went bad in the 1st race, sent them back for repairs, came back for the next race and broke from zipper, and seams, so they finished the race all patched up with gorilla tape.

They sent their suits back for a new replacement, and went into garbage again.

I would never buy such Mickey Mouse junk like that. I have an old Sparco suit that I’ve been using for the last 11 years and no problems, I wash it all the time, I only had to replace one zipper, but for 11 years I think it’s very acceptable, plus that poor guy has been to hail and back 2 times.


For cleaning: just go to the $1.00 store and buy some of that yellow Awesome cleaner and red carpet cleaner, soak it up for a bit and wash it. Comes out looking like magic!!!!!!!! Disclaimer. Do not leave it soaking up for too long, who knows how cheap that k1 material/fabric is? You don’t want it to look all cammo or spotty.