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Rod Hawkins

OK, so after cleaning my white and green suit again, I found that Molecule really doesn’t do any better than what I did with household cleaners.

I let it soak and occasionally stired in Simple Green and hot water for several hours. Then let it sit in the solution over night. Next day I washed it in hot water with a bit more simple green, a couple packets of tide detergent a couple packets of dishwasher detergent packets and a splash of stain remover. Yep, it was a lot of soap, but still MUCH cheaper than Molecule and I didn’t want to “set” the stains by washing it without removing everything.

btw, its a K1 custom suit and it now has had 2 failures with the zipper (the plastic zipper teeth break off) and the velco absolutely SUCK!!! Unbelievable that K1 would use garbage zippers and velcro on an item that is fairly expensive.

I’ll NEVER buy K1 items again after this and having so many issues with my K1 carbon fiber rib vest (brother had the same issue with vest), lesson learned.